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EDGE Energy is the only ENERGY STAR® Contractor of the Year and Master-certified solar installer in Washington DC (top 5% nationally)

3 Steps to Get Solar Panels in Washington DC

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Call us today at (888) 586-3343 and book your free consultation. We specialize in SunPower solar panels, battery storage, and EV charging solutions for homes and businesses in Washington DC.

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#2. Solar Installation

Simply sign your proposal, and let us handle the rest. EDGE Energy is the only solar installer in Washington DC with Master certification. We have successfully completed more than 2,000 projects since 2006.

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#3. Rest Easy

From day one, you’ll start saving energy. And the best part – you can rest easy knowing that your panels are protected by the best warranty on the market. They will perform as promised, guaranteed.

So many solar companies, so many choices...

See why our neighbors choose SunPower by EDGE Energy.

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What’s different about SunPower by EDGE Energy?

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SunPower solar panels yield 55% more energy than conventional panels in the same space over 25 years. That’s how you cut down your monthly energy expenses and get a faster payback on your solar investment.


SunPower solar panels come with a 25-year warranty – the best in the industry. Most other brands offer a 12-year warranty with a deductible. You never pay a deductible with SunPower, and if you decide to sell your home, you can transfer the warranty to the new owners.

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Besides your warranty, you also get a guarantee of performance. SunPower’s solar panels will keep 98% of their original power in the first year. Then, their power will drop by no more than 0.25% per year for the next 24 years. Most solar panels have an annual loss of 0.5%, but SunPower solar panels have only half of that (lower = better).

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EDGE Energy is a SunPower Master Dealer. This is a top-tier status that only 35 out of 850 accredited SunPower dealers have achieved. That puts us in the top 5% of SunPower dealers in the United States.

2024 Washington DC Solar Incentives

Financially, installing solar panels is a slam dunk in DC. In the first year, you can get a tax credit that covers up to 30% of the cost of your system, then you can save tens of thousands more over time with the most generous renewable energy credits in the country.

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Common Questions:

Installing Washington DC Solar Panels

Here in Washington DC, we have some of the best solar incentives in the nation, making solar a financial slam dunk for most homeowners. Check out our article for the details. Here’s a breakdown:

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs): You earn these credits for every megawatt-hour of electricity your system produces. With DC offering some of the highest SREC prices in the country—currently more than $400 each—these can add substantial income, potentially thousands of dollars annually.

Federal and DC Solar Tax Credits: On top of the SRECs, you can also benefit from tax credits. The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows you to deduct 30% of the cost of installing a solar system from your federal taxes, providing substantial savings.

Net Metering: This policy lets you send excess electricity back to the grid in exchange for credits, effectively lowering or even negating your electricity bills. In DC, the credits you earn from net metering can carry over indefinitely, maximizing the financial returns on your solar investment.

Additional Benefits: The increased property value from installing solar panels in DC does not lead to higher property taxes thanks to local exemptions. This means you benefit from the added value without the extra cost.

Navigating these incentives might seem daunting, but with the right guidance, you can significantly reduce the upfront cost of solar and enjoy ongoing financial benefits. Give us a call if you’d like to talk it through: (888) 586-3343.

For top-of-the-line SunPower solar panels, most homeowners invest between $20,000 and $60,000 before accounting for tax credits and other incentives

On average, Washington DC solar panels cost about $34,000 and cover about 83% of electricity costs. 

The specific cost of your solar panels depends on a few different factors, such as the system size, the type of solar panels selected, and the complexity of your installation. 

Does solar make sense for your home? Give us a call at (888) 586-3343 to schedule a free consultation. We’ll give you a complete breakdown of the costs, savings, and cash incentives to install solar panels on your home in Washington DC.

We get this question all the time. Another way to think about it: If rooftop solar costs less and is cleaner than the energy you get from your utility, can you afford not to go solar? 

You have a range of cost-effective options to install solar panels in Washington DC. Here are a few of the most common options our customers choose.

Solar Loan

Solar loans help make the transition to solar energy more manageable by spreading the cost over time. 

In Washington DC, you can find solar loans with terms ranging from 5 to 25 years and interest rates varying from 2.99% to 9.99%. Many loans even offer deferred payments for the first 6-24 months. 

Solar loans for homeowners in DC often result in a “bill swap” scenario, where the financial gains from your solar panels exceed your monthly loan payments.

Cash Purchase

If you prefer a straightforward approach, purchasing your solar panels outright is a great option. Your initial payment results in immediate ownership, allowing you to fully benefit from all available incentives and rebates right from the start.

Each of these options offers a viable path to adopt solar energy in Washington DC, making it easier than ever to reduce your monthly energy bills and carbon footprint at the same time.

To determine how many solar panels you need, we consider a few different factors like your average electricity consumption as well as the orientation and shading of your roof. 

Based on data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) PV Watts calculator, the average annual electricity usage in Washington DC homes is approximately 12,227 kWh. Here’s how you can estimate the number of solar panels needed:

  1. Analyze Your Energy Consumption: Check your utility bill to find out your home’s energy usage over the past year. The average home in Washington DC uses about 12,227 kWh annually.
  2. Consider Panel Efficiency and Size: We offer a variety of solar panels, including high-efficiency models at 440 watts and 350 watts, and more cost-effective models at 400 and 405 watts. The size and efficiency of the panel will influence how many can fit on your roof.
  3. Calculate the Number of Panels: Divide your annual energy usage by the annual output expected from each panel, which varies depending on your roof’s characteristics and sunlight exposure. For example, if each panel typically produces 528 kWh yearly, a home using 12,000 kWh yearly would need about 22-23 panels to fully offset their electricity use (12,000 kWh / 528 kWh per panel).

This is a general estimate and the actual number could vary based on several factors like roof size, orientation, shading, and personal energy needs. Remember, it’s not necessary to cover 100% of your energy use with solar — even offsetting a portion can significantly reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.

For the most precise calculation and to start planning your solar project, please contact us at (888) 586-3343 to schedule a detailed consultation.

When it comes to maintenance costs, there are important differences between solar panels from SunPower by EDGE Energy and non-SunPower systems.

We’ll break it down:

Minimal Wear and Tear

Solar panels are remarkably low maintenance due to their lack of moving parts—there are no oil changes or parts to wear out. Solar systems, including SunPower’s X, U, and M series, are built with solid state electrical components that are designed to last. 

Over time, it’s natural for systems to experience a slight decrease in power output, but SunPower panels are warranted to perform at no less than 92% efficiency.

Environmental Factors

SunPower panels feature patented low-reflectivity glass that is designed to be self-cleaning when it rains. 

In the Washington DC area, environmental residues like pollen, sap, and pollution from nearby flight paths can accumulate on panels. While cleaning these residues can potentially increase energy production by 2-5%, regular cleaning is generally not necessary for maintaining significant energy output. 

Our systems are engineered to withstand up to 115+ mph winds and 30+ inches of snow, ensuring durability against extreme weather. Plus, SunPower panels have the highest salt-water resistance in the industry and come with a warranty that remains valid in coastal areas, unlike many other brands.

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

SunPower stands out with its Complete Confidence Warranty, which surpasses other 25-year solar warranties by covering all equipment (panels, inverters, racking) and their power production. 

Notably, this warranty also includes costs that are often overlooked, such as shipping, labor, de-installation, and re-installation, providing a level of coverage not found with non-SunPower systems.

Service Costs

Typical maintenance expenses for non-SunPower systems can amount to about $2,000 per decade for items covered by the SunPower warranty. Should you require a service check-up outside of warranty coverage, we offer one-off service calls at a competitive rate of $250.

Choosing SunPower by EDGE Energy means investing in a high-quality, low-maintenance solar solution that’s built to last and backed by an industry-leading warranty. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: (888) 586-3343.

Battery storage makes sense for some homeowners, but most of our clients in DC (about 90%) do not install a backup battery.

Here’s what you should consider:

Energy Independence and Resilience

Adding a backup battery to your solar setup can improve the efficiency of the overall system. It stores surplus energy generated during sunny times for use during cloudy periods or power outages. This is advantageous in Washington DC, where we occasionally experience weather-related power disruptions.

Environmental Benefits

Going with a backup battery reduces your dependence on the grid and fossil fuels, thereby reducing your carbon footprint and helping to clean up the environment.

Unsure if a backup battery is right for your home in Washington DC? Call us at (888) 586-3343, and we’ll explore how it aligns with your home’s energy goals and usage.

Choosing the right inverter is essential to the performance, cost-efficiency, and monitoring capabilities of your solar energy system. Here’s an overview of the inverter options available:


Microinverters are attached to each panel, converting DC to AC power directly at the source. This configuration allows each panel to function independently, so shading on one panel doesn’t impact the others. Microinverters typically offer a 25-year warranty and are expected to last over 25 years, providing full coverage only from SunPower.

String Inverters

String inverters link to multiple panels and convert their power collectively at a central point, usually near your main electrical panel. The performance of the entire string is limited by the lowest-performing panel unless power optimizers are used. Generally equipped with a 10-year warranty, these inverters have an 8-12 year lifespan and are less suitable for residential settings.


SolarEdge technology merges a string inverter with power optimizers on each panel, enhancing energy output by optimizing each panel’s performance prior to conversion.

While technically sophisticated and promising on paper, SolarEdge systems involve multiple components and depend on string inverters that also have an 8-12 year lifespan, potentially leading to higher costs and more maintenance.

The best inverter for your home depends on a few factors, including your specific energy needs, the configuration of your roof, and your budget. For talk about your home, please give us a call at (888) 586-3343.

SunPower solar panels are fully functional and efficient during the winter months in Washington DC, debunking the myth that they only work in the sunny, warm conditions of summer. 

Solar panels generate energy from light, not heat, and they actually operate more efficiently in cooler temperatures.

Snow can sometimes even enhance photovoltaic performance by reflecting additional light, although heavy snow accumulation on the panels can temporarily impede energy production. 

Fortunately, most solar panels are built to support the weight of accumulated snow, and the warmth from their dark surfaces combined with their angled positioning helps the snow melt off quickly.

Regarding stormy weather, SunPower solar panels are designed to be resilient. They are engineered to endure high wind speeds of up to 140 mph, making them capable of withstanding most severe weather conditions, including heavy storms.

Throughout the year, solar panels provide a dependable energy source for your home. With the right installation and ongoing maintenance, your solar system in Washington DC will continue to produce electricity effectively, enhancing your home’s energy resilience.

When considering solar options in Washington DC, it’s important to stay alert to potential pitfalls that can make your life … complicated. Here are a few things to watch out for:

Complex Loan Terms: Solar financing terms can vary widely, with loan durations ranging from 5 to 20 years. Pay close attention to the interest rates, monthly payment structures, and any potential rate increases over the loan period to avoid unexpected financial burdens.

Warranty Limitations: Solar warranties differ greatly among providers. Some may offer comprehensive long-term coverage, while others could impose significant restrictions. Understanding the length and scope of the warranty is crucial, as this will impact your long-term maintenance costs.

Control Over Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs): SRECs represent a valuable financial return for solar system owners, especially in Washington DC. Be wary of agreements where installers retain your SRECs or other incentives, as this could significantly reduce your financial benefits.

Incompatible Equipment: Ensuring that all components of your solar system — such as panels and inverters — are compatible is essential for efficient operation. Equipment mismatches can cause system inefficiencies and increase maintenance expenses.

Stability of Manufacturer or Installer: Opt for well-established, financially robust manufacturers and installers like EDGE Energy, which has been installing solar systems since 2006. Companies that go out of business may leave you without necessary support and warranty fulfillment.

Terms of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA): Thoroughly review the conditions of any PPA. Unfavorable terms might result in costs that exceed the system’s value over time.

Quality Over Price: While tempting, lower-priced solar solutions may lead to higher costs down the line due to increased likelihood of system failures and leaks, which can also cause damage to your property.

Accuracy of Production Estimates: Ensure that the projected energy output figures provided by your installer are realistic. Overestimations can lead to dissatisfaction with both system performance and financial returns.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

A budget solar installation in Washington DC can be appealing, but it comes with risks. Here are a few factors to consider:

Compromised System Quality and Lifespan

Lower-cost solar installations often involve lower-quality materials that might not uphold the high standards necessary for long-term performance. This can result in a reduced lifespan of the panels and potential issues such as diminished efficiency or mechanical breakdowns.

Limited Warranty Coverage

Budget solar options often come with restricted warranties that provide limited coverage. This could lead to considerable expenses for repairs or replacements sooner than you might expect.

Hidden and Incremental Costs

The initial savings from a cheap installation could be quickly negated by unforeseen expenses, including ongoing maintenance, necessary repairs, or potentially replacing the entire system if it fails to meet performance standards.

Performance and Efficiency Shortfalls

Inexpensive installations may fail to produce the amount of energy promised, due to poor-quality equipment or substandard installation techniques. This inefficiency can result in unexpectedly high utility bills, undermining the financial rationale for going solar.

Durability Concerns Under Local Weather Conditions

Budget solar systems may not be engineered to withstand the storms and other challenging weather that we can get in DC, leading to damage that requires costly repairs or replacements.

A SunPower Master Dealer is a select solar installer, chosen by SunPower—one of the leading solar panel manufacturers in the United States—for their outstanding service quality and expert knowledge. 

From 850 SunPower Dealers nationwide, only 35 have achieved the Master Dealer status.

Here’s what distinguishes a SunPower Master Dealer:

Specialized Training: Master Dealers undergo rigorous training provided directly by SunPower. This ensures that they are proficient in the latest solar technologies and installation techniques.

Quality Assurance: SunPower verifies that all Master Dealers uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship and customer service, ensuring you receive top-quality installations.

Comprehensive Warranty: As a SunPower Master Dealer, we offer SunPower’s extensive 25-year warranty. This warranty covers your solar panels, system performance, and the quality of our workmanship, giving you peace of mind.

Local Expertise: Sunpower by EDGE Energy is based in Washington DC. Our services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of homeowners in our area.

If you’re considering solar solutions in Washington DC, working with a SunPower Master Dealer means that you get the best in service, knowledge, and product quality.