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Benefits of Weatherization

Health and Safety

Our first priority in doing any type of weatherization work is homeowner health and safety. Using standards from regulatory bodies such as OSHA, ASHRAE & BPI, we ensure that indoor air quality is never compromised. This is done by checking the house for high levels of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide , running diagnostics to measure the BAS (building airflow standard) of that particular living space, and by helping to prevent or treat problems with mold or radon gas. Furthermore, we identify and eliminate fire hazards such as hot water heaters being set too high, improper usage of heating equipment, or flammable materials in contact with flue pipes.

Reduced Energy Usagereduce energy costs

The second major goal is to dramatically reduce energy usage. Techniques such as air sealing and insulating will reduce the volume of air that needs to be heated or cooled in the living space, and then keeping the heated or cooled air from leaving the building space. Sealing and insulation of duct work will also reduce the load on HVAC equipment. Less energy usage equals less money spent equals more money saved.

Increased Comfort

The third major goal is to help increase the comfort of the homeowner. By weatherizing your home, you will eliminate rooms that are either too hot or too cold, and help keep temperatures consistent all over your living space. Furthermore, annoying drafts will also be mitigated if not downright eliminated. The first step to getting your house weatherized is to get a comprehensive energy audit to find out your houses energy blueprint.

Why should I use EDGE Energy for my Weatherization?

  • EDGE is ranked #2 in overall job performance and customer service in Maryland, with nearly 100 client reviews online at:
  • Fully licensed, insured, and bonded contractor in MD, DC, and VA
  • We offer a 10-year solar system workmanship and installation warranty and 2-year workmanship warranty on all roofing repairs and replacements
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