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Our Commitment to Working Locally

In a relatively recent trend, significantly more people are beginning to realize the real costs of large corporations. Across industries, many customers are looking to hometown companies that work with local labor and materials to provide high-quality products and services.

While there is a definite satisfaction of the need for instant gratification with large corporations, businesses located in the Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland area provide more personalized, careful service through their attention to detail and appreciation of the customer. According to recent studies, every $100 spent at a local business infuses just under $70 back into the local economy, allowing customers to reap benefits beyond just purchasing a product or service.

The EDGE Energy Local Advantage

At EDGE Energy, we see every customer as a unique individual and provide the highest quality of service ensuring complete satisfaction. Unlike larger corporations, EDGE Energy doesn’t skimp on providing excellent care for our customers and employees. We don’t outsource our work, so when we say we will do a job you can trust that you will be dealing with the same trustworthy people throughout the entire process.

Supporting the Local Community

Our EDGE Energy employees are locals; some of us have been working with the company for over 9 years! Our employees are promoted from within, which allows for terrific advancement opportunities for loyal individuals within the community. Our employees matter to us, and we work hard to provide them with competitive wages, an exceptional working environment and a supportive team. In addition to having local employees, EDGE Energy is locally owned and operated in Maryland.


Supporting the Environment

While providing the local economy with jobs, EDGE Energy also helps to make the community a more energy conscious and efficient place. With the right tools, certifications and experience, EDGE Energy provides the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas with energy efficiency focused audits and ratings, home upgrades, solar energy, and green building services.

Helping local customers save money through energy efficient alternatives and upgrades, we indirectly bring in capital to the local economy, while simultaneously helping preserve the health of the environment and providing quality jobs to local people. Supporting the world in becoming healthier place for current and future generations is our top priority!

Ready to start supporting the local community by choosing EDGE Energy for your energy efficiency needs? Contact us today!

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