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Water Recycling Methods

There are many types of water uses inside and outside your home, and each one produces a specific type of waste water. Depending on whether it is greywater, blackwater, or stormwater, some of this waste water can be recycle and reused in other areas of your home, which conserves water and protects the environment and saves you money on your water bill.


Greywater is waste water from handwashing, showering, or washing machines that can be recycled for other residential and commercial uses. When recycled it can be used for irrigation systems as well as toilet flushing and sometimes washing. Sometimes it requires some filtration or purification or storage before it can be recycled.

You can install a small greywater system in your home by with a small storage tank in your bathroom that will hold waste water from the sink or shower that can be used to flush the toilet.

If you’re interested in a larger greywater system you can choose to install a much larger cistern that can collect and recycle water for the whole house.


Blackwater is waste water from toilets and it is different from greywater in that it contains fecal matter. It is beneficial to keep blackwater separate from greywater because greywater can be recycled with little to no-purification necessary, whereas blackwater cannot.


Stormwater is water that originates as precipitation, and it can be collected or stored in order to be used at a later date. It does not go through a purification process and it is usually collected in rain-barrels of some sort and used at a later date when water is needed for landscaping or other outdoor watering activities.

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