Home Performance

Home Performance Basics

EDGE Energy recognizes that taking care of your home can be difficult. When it comes to the energy systems installed your home, we want you to be very knowledgeable about their benefits; EDGE Energy is here to help. Water heating, properly installed insulation, and energy efficient lighting are some of the many things that can help you improve and monitor the energy efficiency of your home.

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Benefits of Weatherization

EDGE Energy offers a variety of different weatherization services specific to your home’s needs. Saving money on your energy bills, improving your home's property value, and contributing towards reducing the national energy consumption are among the many benefits weatherization provide.

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Lighting and Electricity

Lighting typically accounts for 15-20% of residential energy use. Newer lighting options are so much more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, that often the first and most cost-effective solution is to simply swap the incandescent bulbs out all at once. In many cases the break-even point of re-lamping is well under one year.

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