Home upgrades from EDGE help you save energy, money and allow you to get comfortable in a gorgeous, well-maintained home.

Energy Upgrades for Savings & Comfort

Having a home energy audit or rating performed provides insight into what upgrades your home would need for increased comfort and savings.

EDGE Helps You Improve

Focus on long-term improvements with high-efficiency appliances, lighting and weatherization for your home.

Precision, Experience and Care

Our licensed professionals know the local building codes and implement fully compliant upgrades every time. We keep tight control over the quality of our work to ensure you are getting the full benefits without any of the headache.

Results Centered Around Your Needs

Upgrading your home with EDGE guarantees you’ll see the results you’re looking for. Whether you want to save money with weatherization and high-efficiency appliances or give your home a new look with lighting, we take into account your objectives and deliver.

Love Your Home

Investing in your home with upgrades helps you and your family enjoy it more. You’ll be more comfortable and build equity.

Get what you really want out of your home with upgrades from EDGE. Contact us or call (888) 586-3343 to schedule a home upgrade consultation today!



EDGE Energy recognizes that taking care of your home can be difficult. When it comes to the energy systems installed your home, we want you to be very knowledgeable about their benefits; EDGE Energy is here to help. Water heating, properly installed insulation, and energy efficient lighting are some of the many things that can help you improve and monitor the energy efficiency of your home.

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EDGE Energy offers a variety of different weatherization services specific to your home’s needs. Saving money on your energy bills, improving your home's property value, and contributing towards reducing the national energy consumption are among the many benefits weatherization provide.

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Lighting typically accounts for 15-20% of residential energy use. Newer lighting options are so much more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, that often the first and most cost-effective solution is to simply swap the incandescent bulbs out all at once. In many cases the break-even point of re-lamping is well under one year.

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